Continental Huskee™ Round Receptacles

Continental Huskee™ Round Huskee w/o lid - 10 Gal., Grey

Continental Huskee™ Round Receptacles

Molded with seamless construction, the Huskee™ is a strong, long lasting receptacle that is used everywhere. From food prep to foundries, from refuse to bio-hazard waste, the Huskee™ keeps on working. Stackable with lid on, nestable with lid off.


CON-2000-GY Continental Round Huskee Container - 20 Gal., Grey

CON-2001-GY Continental Lid for #2000 Huskee - 20 Gal., Grey

JAN-1032-02GY Continental Lid for #3200 - Grey

CON-4445-GY Continental Lid for #4444, #4443, #4442 - Grey

CON-5501-GY Continental Lid for #5500 Round Huskee